Listen/purchase: CATARAPS by AKOKO

Bad Bitch

by Webbie (Feat. Trina)

summer 2k14 ‘bbq at the park’ tunes

Tamagotchi (w/ Saint)

by Dai Burger


Dai Burger/Saint- Tamagotchi


My mix from 11 months ago…. That this asshole “imakehitsmothafucka” stole. Plz spread awareness of this shit and support the people that actually put work into it. MY STOLEN SONG HAS MORE NOTES THAN ANY OF THE ONES I’VE POSTED> WHICH IS FUCKED UP.

Lil’ Mo ft. Da Brat - Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyaltyyyy


Nyemiah Supreme - Southside in Timberlands

Treat Me Like Somebody

by Tink

Dirty Slang

by Tink

Ain’t nothing like a country boy, Dirty Slang

Big Momma - Creep

Big Momma - Chiraq (Remix)

Diet Coke (Prod. Michælangelo)

by Big Momma

Dentata (Prod. Sash Blu)

by Big Momma

Rock My World feat. Kevin Michael (Prod. Michælangelo)

by Big Momma

rock my world // big momma feat. kevin michael 

Mona Lisa (Prod. Michælangelo)

by Big Momma