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lil’ kim on the set of her music video for “no matter what they say” (circa 2000). 

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lil’ kim photographed by david lachapelle for the june/july 2000 issue of vibe magazine.

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Lil’ Kim gave birth

Royal Reign
6 lbs 5 oz
Born in NJ 9:58 AM

Lil’ Kim photographed by Stephen McBride for Touch magazine (UK, October 2000).

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Makes No Sense

by Lil' Kim ft. Tanya Stephens

[Unreleased] Lil’ Kim - Makes No Sense Ft. Tanya Stephens

It may sound rude
But I don’t love you dudes
Take you eatin’ my pussy and throw you on the Interlude
You think I give a fuck cause you paid for my food?
Put you out on the highway and make you strip nude,
Then drive away in your car with your wallet
Thought I was sweet meat
Look what you done started
You ain’t know about the,”set it off queen bitch”
In the Porsche, license plate read,”filthy rich”

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